Here are some of the comments from our survey this year:

Fantastic staff and leadership team

Saxon Hill is a fantastic school! My child loves going, he’s non verbal yet I can see how much he gets out of being there! His teachers, the staff etc are all excellent. I can honestly say I love them and appreciate all they do for our family by ensuring our son has the best day every day!

Second home to my child

My daughter looks forward to going to school everyday

Really come on with his cognitive abilities

Pushing him to be the best he can be

My child has come on so much while at this school

the staff at Saxon Hill are amazing! I never worry when he’s there as I know he’s being cared for so well!

Despite his disabilities, I see daily the things he’s doing and what he’s achieving - I love talking to him about what he’s been up to when it’s recorded in his diary!

Always support me when I’m struggling with my son

The staff are all amazing, they make us parents feel supported and I know I have great support should I need it

Teachers and staff are always there for you to speak to

I’m always aware of what my son will be doing! We’re always kept up to date with topics!

Communication is brilliant

Excellent Senco at Saxon Hill! 

Amazing team with a great leadership team who are approachable and know you, they just make you feel part of one big family, the school is so good that it’s obvious that it’s steaming down to the staff!

Always kept up to date and aware of where my child is in terms of development! 

The teachers keeps me up to day about my daughter.

There’s nothing that my son ‘can’t do’ is what I get from Saxon Hill, in so many ways, in the real world he’s disabled but at school he’s able to do everything!

Hydro, art, music, cookery, phonics, switch work, the list is endless! He loves his days there!

My son shows me how much he loves being at his school by smiling and laughing at the mention of his class, teachers etc therefore I know he’s doing great!

I wouldn’t want my daughter to go to another school . I feel Saxon hill outstanding 

The staff and teachers they are amazing  

The magnificent magical Saxonhill. I can’t think of anything they could better.

I have no complaints about this school as it has been perfect for my daughter the staff are all caring and amazing with helping care for her 

There is no better . Just keep up the good work . Just outstanding from every body at Saxon hill Academy  .  

Care, kindness, genuine aspirations for the children 

Communication, SaxonHill staff are very approachable and proactive.

Responding quickly to any issues raised 

Everything they do. Every single person makes such an amazing difference to the lives of every single pupil. 

Communication especially with the weekly newsletter. 

Being inclusive and supportive and treating the children like ‘family’ it’s a combined effort, I love the school and its ethos 

Including all the children in various & ingenious ways!

Dealing with every situation , and thinking of the best for all the kids there . 

Making my child and us feel  part of the Saxonhill family

Providing varied activities and putting on lovely events involving all the children, regardless of disability.

Communicating and sharing success as well as asking and comparing o what he can / does at home to ensure continuity

From learning to independence of children supporting children , having time for children when life ain't so straightforward,  caring for the children , dedication for the children .

Brilliant! I admire how much time it must take to fill us parents in daily on what’s happened at school in a personal way

I find the nursing staff and medical team very approachable and helpful. 

Nursing and medical team at Saxon Hill are brilliant! I’m so reassured they’re there to help my son

Sleepover club is amazing and is a real lifeline for our whole family as well as our child. Without it, they would not get to enjoy many experiences they offer, some simply as sleeping away from home

Going out of their way to ensure the children are happy and well cared for

He comes home happy smiley full of sounds to try and tell us what he’s been up to! Just mentioning his teachers or hearing them online via social media posts makes him smile!

I never worry when he’s there as I’ve seen how his teachers care for him and the safeguarding they have in place.


Some of the comments from our families whose children attend our residential short breaks Sleepover Club:

I cannot believe the change in his skills since attending Sleepover. He is more independent and asking to help me in the kitchen for example.

·       I feel it has helped with English. Making sentences telling stories using his imagination. Reading because his speech/language gets much better. He can make full sentences and conversations. Helping in the kitchen has helped with cooking lessons in school and counting grams, knowing ingredients, keeping kitchen, hands and cutlery clean which involves maths and science. Teaching of different culture which made to have interest in different country flags,

·       He is really chatty but can be very commanding, especially if he needs to share screen time (TV, Xbox) and can have meltdowns. But he has shown big progress with taking turns, asking other children what they want on TV (at home he has been asking his sisters what they want on TV) but always making sure that he can have his TV time after. He likes to play card games at home and he didn’t like to lose, but now he is more understanding that not always you can win. He has made a big progress of telling/explaining his emotions. Can tell someone if he or somebody else has been hurt. Understands other pupil/persons emotions (Sad, happy, excited).

·       He can now use his wheelchair wheeling with both hands can control direction of where he wants to go. He is more independent to keep his room tidy even asking for vacuum cleaner to clean his room which he tries to do it by himself. He is much better with cutting a food (he is so proud). Taking some clothes off like socks and pulling down his trousers, taking off shoes.

·       Yes, support EHCP e.g. use of spoon, sensory activities, maths targets. All activities reported from Sleepover link/reinforce learning reported from class. This is shown on Evidence for Learning. Great communication each week on Sleepover feedback form.

·       I’ve noticed she tries to be more independent with brushing teeth, holding spoon at dinner time. She does get messy but she tries and has fun at same time.