Arlo - Our Super School Dog!

Arlo - Our Super School Dog 


Arlo is our full-time school dog. He is now 2 years old and has been in school since he was a puppy. His job is to make pupils and staff feel happy, he is great to sit and have some quiet time with and great at listening to anyone if they are feeling sad or just need a cuddle. He Is not so good at getting out of his bed in the office and is famous in school for being a little too laid back at times! He loves it when our other school dogs come to school and visit everyone – Ernie, Fig and Lottie.

Please see the photographs below to fully understand just how essential Arlo is to our whole school wellbeing ethos.

Arlo is so relaxed in school

Arlo 4  Arlo 5


Arlo helps us to relax too

Arlo 7    Arlo 2


Arlo gives us confidence

Arlo 13  Arlo 14  Arlo 11  Arlo 8


We learn how to care for Arlo

Arlo 1  Arlo 10  Arlo 9


Most of all Arlo makes us happy!

Arlo 3  Arlo 6  Arlo 12