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At Saxon Hill we believe in tracking individual success. We have a duty to know and demonstrate whether we are making a real difference in the circumstances of the pupils we serve. We understand what needs to happen to facilitate important improvements in the quality of a pupil’s cognition and learning, in tandem with facilitating important improvements in thier other areas of need.

It is important that we continue to monitor and support pupils’ development in all areas of need to foster engagement with the world and to encourage autonomy. We use approaches appropriate to pupils needs that demonstrate every kind of progress made by a pupil e.g., linear, lateral and consolidation.  

Teachers follow the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Evaluate and Review’ process to ensure they provide pupils with the skills to succeed and are continually planning, reviewing, and assessing pupils progress.

Teachers monitor progress using the ‘Evidence for Learning’ (EFL) iPad app and track assessment on ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Jewels Profiles’. This is an in-depth and concreate assessment tool that allows teachers to systematically ‘assess, plan, teach, review’.

Progress is recorded and shared with parents via end of term progress reports, and discussed during parents evening.

All pupils at Saxon Hill Academy have an Education, Health and Care Plan, which has outcomes for individual pupils. These outcomes are monitored and evaluated on our 'Provision Map' each term. 

We follow the 5 Lens of Engagement model: ‘Exploration’, ‘Realisation’, ‘Anticipation’, ‘Persistence’ and ‘Initiation’. Pupil engagement is assessed on our Evidence for Learning iPad app.

As and when appropriate we enter pupils into standardised tests. 
Many pupils in the Adventurers and Towards Independence departments complete OCN Entry Levels. 

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