Saxon Hill Academy's vision, ethos, and values are centred around providing a comprehensive and inclusive education that prepares pupils for their future lives. Saxon Hill’s mission is to equip young people with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to take the lead in their own learning and lives. Our Leaders curriculum is designed to nurture the holistic development of every child, equipping them with essential skills and qualities to thrive in all aspects of life. It is broad, balanced, and relevant, with a focus on inspiring learning and promoting leadership and autonomy. The curriculum is spiral by design, allowing pupils to revisit learning, build on previous knowledge and learn from new experiences in a fresh context.

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LEADERS Curriculum Framework:

The LEADERS curriculum at Saxon Hill Academy encompasses six Aspects of learning, each vital for the holistic growth of our pupils:


1.Communication, Language, and Literacy:

   - Develop strong communication skills.

   - Foster a love for reading, writing, and language exploration.

   - Enhance comprehension, expression, and critical thinking abilities.


2.Independence & Well-being:

   - Empower students to become independent thinkers and decision-makers.

   - Promote physical and mental well-being through healthy habits and self-care practices.

   - Cultivate resilience, adaptability, and self-confidence.


3.Thinking and Problem Solving:

   - Encourage creative and critical thinking skills.

   - Develop problem-solving strategies and decision-making abilities.

   - Foster curiosity, experimentation, and a growth mindset.


4.Physical Skills and Fitness:

   - Enhance gross and fine motor skills through physical activities and exercises.

   - Promote physical independence, an active lifestyle and physical fitness.

   - Provide opportunities for students to develop team work, a love of sport, coordination, strength, and agility.


5.Community and the Wider World:

   - Foster an understanding of diverse cultures, perspectives, and global issues.

   - Encourage empathy, compassion, and social responsibility.

   - Promote active citizenship and engagement in local and global communities.



   - Cultivate creativity, imagination, and artistic expression.


Vocational Studies (Towards independence only and encop):

  - Cultivate creativity, imagination, and artistic expression.

  - Provide opportunities for students to explore vocational interests and develop practical skills.

   - Foster innovation, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.


Driving our LEADERS curriculum are our 'Golden Threads for Learning and Life', which serve as guiding principles for teaching and learning at Saxon Hill Academy, through which Our pupils will be empowered to become lifelong learners, compassionate leaders, and active members of society. Saxon Hill’s  "Golden Threads for Learning and Life" are woven into everything they do, and promote cultural capital, SMSC development, and personal development, ensuring that all pupils leave our school as confident, capable, and compassionate individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world around them and be Leaders in their lives.