Rowan Class

Rowan Class teacher is: Joy Haines

 Joy Voss

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Rowan Class – Adventurers Department

Rowan Class is a class where learning is offered through a pupil centered approach, including music, movement and fun. In Rowan Class, we strive to have the best day we possibly can. Routine and structure are especially important and sensory processing time is encouraged; learning is challenging but at the students’ pace. We understand the importance of knowing each student’s learning style therefore the delivery of learning is adapted to meet the needs of each student. As well as the core subjects of Math's, English and ICT, students will also take part in Community Engagement where they will have trips and visits to the local area and Enterprise where students will be part of a successful school tuck shop. Sessions in Sensory Integration enable students to have their sensory diets met and Action Attention help students develop focus and attention skills; both enable students to make sense of where they belong in their world. The impact of this is that students can have an exciting day of learning that is right for them, giving them skills not only for the classroom but their wider community.


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