Oak Hub

Oak Hub teachers are: Helen Fone & Nicola Purkis

Helen Fone      Nicola Purkis

           Helen                              Nicola

You can email Helen on: helen.fone@saxonhill.shaw-education.org.uk

You can email Nicola on: nicola.purkis@saxonhill.shaw-education.org.uk


Oak Hub- Towards Independence Department

In Oak Hub, we are proud to be happy, easy-going, independent young people.  We know what we want to get out of each day and we strive to achieve our goals. 

We follow the Emerging Pathway in school, which supports our learning through hands-on practical experiences. We offer our students work experience opportunities including helping at the Food Bank, Dobbies Garden Centre, Craft Barn and catering for our on-site Café. Students are also able to gain qualifications accredited through Open College Network (OCN). Alongside this we maintain a focus on developing communication, reading, writing and maths skills through subject specific lessons. 

Most of all though, we share a determination to ensure that all the students in our hub have fun...  each day is filled with comradery and laughter! 


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