Birch Class

Birch Class teacher is: Bronwen Moses

Bronwen Moses

You can contact Bronwen by emailing: 


Birch Class – Adventurers Department

Birch Class is a happy, diverse, positive and fun class where each achievement, no matter how small, is celebrated. Our sensory and emerging curriculum is child centred so that all young adults are able to make progress and thrive in a calm, environmentally rich classroom. In Birch Class, we pride ourselves on delivering a varied timetable of lessons. A few of our favourites are: Soundbath, Rebound, Hydro, Forest School, Sensory Story and Write Dance lessons. As a class team we assess using the Rainbow Profile and are able to record “wow” moments using our class iPad for parents/carers to celebrate. In addition, we assess engagement using the Engagement Profile to ensure that each student is engrossed in their learning and can meet each EHCP target (communication, cognition, social and emotional and physical development). Due to our small class groups, all young people work closely with myself (the teacher) and teaching assistants, so we are able to support their learning choices, pick up on any difficulties, and meet all needs within the classroom. Birch Class is such a brilliant class and we are overjoyed that our class family is growing so that we can take you on a learning journey which will be exciting, entertaining and fun. 


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