Pine Class

Pine Class teacher is: Zoe Cooke

Zoe Cooke

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Pine Class 

Welcome to our wonderful Pine Class! Pine Class is a part of the Investigators department and follows the sensory pathway.  We place emphasis on promoting the positive mental health and wellbeing of all our children.  In our class we promote the use of Makaton, Tassels, and PODD.

Pupils will be learning the following skills: Cognition, Communication, Care and Independence and Physical Development. These skills will be learnt by doing activities that link to our topic. We use the Engagement Profile to maximise student’s progress and to help us create a child-initiated curriculum. This year we will emphasise the need for personal, social and emotional development lessons. We will achieve this development through therapeutic sessions including Story Massage, Soundbath, Sensology and Starbox. Alongside these lessons, we will promote the love of learning through our diverse curriculum which includes lessons such as: art, sensory story, music, cooking, topic and tactile awareness.

We will work on our physical development each day in class through use of personal equipment and wake up shake up songs and movement, alongside our Hydro and Rebound where we get to explore a new environment.  We are a very happy and social group; you will always find us smiling and laughing.


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