LEADERS - A curriculum designed to inspire young people to take the lead in their own lives

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Saxon Hill ‘Leaders’ curriculum is designed to equip our young people to take the lead in their own lives. They will develop the skills, attitude and capability to lead the way; creating and enjoying every opportunity and confidently rising to each challenge life offers.

Our Mission is:

  • To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum designed to inspire learning and promote leadership and autonomy. To motivate and to excite in order to engage every young person no matter how complex their needs.
  • To teach young people to:
    o Understand, engage and shape their world
    o Communicate effectively
    o Be independent, interdependent and resilient
    o Maximise their physical and sensory abilities
  • To promote mastery within these imperatives through personalised learning programmes from Early Years through to Sixth Form, at the appropriate age, developmental stage and ability of every young person.

The Saxon Hill Leaders Curriculum is rooted in the 4 EHCP areas along with 6 skills sets Empowering Learning:

1.The 4 Education, Health and Care Plan areas:
a.Cognition and Learning
b.Communication and Interaction
c.Social, Emotional and Mental Health
d.Physical and Sensory

2. The 6 skills sets Empowering Learning. Opportunities to learn these are prioritised and infused into lessons to help young people develop skills for lifelong learning and operating effectively in society.

1.Reflective Learner
2.Independent Enquirer
3.Team Worker
4.Self Manager
5.Effective Participator
6.Resourceful Thinker

We have 4 Age Phase Departments

Explorers (≈EYFS)
Investigators (≈ KS1,2)
Adventurers (≈ KS3)
Towards Independence (≈ 14-19)

We have 3 Learning Pathways running throughout the age phase departments:

Sensory – Pre-Formal (≈ P1-P4)
Emerging – Semi-Formal (≈ P5-P7)
Developing – Formal (≈ P8+)

Our holistic LEADERS Curriculum is differentiated across the three pathways as it is tailored to meet the wide-ranging needs of our children. 

Sensory Pathway - A pre-subject specific curriculum based on 4 areas of learning aligned with the 4 EHCP outcomes. This is delivered through a wide variety of stimulating, multi-modal activities designed to maximise individual engagement, interaction and communication skills.

Emerging Pathway - A broad and balanced Curriculum  is differentiated to the level of the learner and aligned to the 4 EHCP areas. The delivery of the curriculum through a Learning Challenge approach provides an inspiring and relevant context through which children gain the knowledge, understanding and the functional skills necessary for life. Post 16 - The focus is applying these to develop independent living and employability skills.

Developing Pathway - The wide range of National Curriculum subjects are differentiated to the level of the learner and delivered through the Learning Challenge approach. Relating challenges to a young person’s life and community, motivates learning, deepens understanding and enables mastery of concepts. Post 16 - The focus is applying these to develop independent living and employability skills.

As the needs of our children evolve, we continually assess the most appropriate pathway for them. This sometimes means creating groups that can blur the boundaries between key stages, and children can move between pathways to achieve a personalised model to meet individual needs. 

Pathways can overlap – with children working within the Sensory Pathway working alongside those within the Emerging Pathway, and likewise, emerging learners often work with our developing learners.  This offers freedom for children to progress into more appropriate pathways as they develop their skills and learning.

Non-Verbal Reading

Many students at Saxon Hill are Non-Verbal readers, please click here to read our parents/carers guide.