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Chestnut Class teacher is: Jo Baker

Jo Baker

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Chestnut Class - Investigators Department 

Welcome to Chestnut Class! We are an exciting and diverse class within the Investigators Department, following the pre-formal and informal pathways.  We follow the Leaders curriculum, based on stimulating and engaging learning challenges, whilst meeting our individual EHCP areas.. In Chestnut Class, we develop our communication skills, through using Intensive Interaction, Makaton, PODD and TaSSeLs (a form of on-body signing).

Pupils engage and learn through a range of different activities, including dance massage, interactive Soundbath, Write Dance, sensory stories and sensology workouts. We are also learning to develop our independence skills and awareness of the world around us, working on the principles of Active Learning, developed by Lilli Nielsen. We enjoy developing our physical skills throughout the week in all our activities, but we especially enjoy hydrotherapy and rebound therapy. One of the highlights is doing Forest School and exploring our natural environment. All of our achievements, whether they be big or small, are celebrated, recorded and assessed using the Rainbow profile and Engagement profile.

We are a very happy group; we have lots of fun together and enjoy being with each other.

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