Hub 5

Hub 5 - Towards Independence

Hub 5 Form Tutor is: Lindsey Waldon

lindsey waldon

Pupils in Hub 5 have a strong focus on their independence and vocational skills. Pupils in Hub 5 are in Year 14 or require a more personalised, practical timetable. Once pupils have arrived at school, they will sign themselves in and go to their classroom. From there, they will go through their timetable for the day and collect anything they may need e.g. lunches, medications, equipment etc. When pupils remain in school, they will join Hub 2, working on their functional maths and English skills as well as the focus topic for the term. Pupils in Hub 5 undertake a wide variety of work experience opportunities, such as Dobbies, Foodbank, Beaudesert Farm and the Community Café. Pupils also work on building their confidence when accessing the community, whether that be through travel training, visiting local supermarkets or going out for a coffee. 

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