Reading at Saxon Hill

At Saxon Hill we believe that language and communication are central to living and learning and should be a source of pleasure, enjoyment and richness for all students.

The journey to becoming a reader begins with the development of prerequisite skills to learning which include: engagement; communication skills; awareness of meaning; attention skills; a sense of rhythm, pattern and order; memory retention; and sound discrimination.


At Saxon Hill we intend for our pupils to:
• Build the strongest foundations for a lifelong love of reading. We know reading provides a gateway to learning and gives all learners with access to rich experiences which may exist outside of our learners’ immediate world.
• Use reading as an effective tool for communication.
• Access meaning from different forms; rich and varied language, text, symbols, expressions, objects, pictures, people and the environment.


 Reading infograph



All pupils, regardless of their disability or any barriers to learning, deserve the opportunity to be a reader and the curriculum at Saxon Hill recognises and develops the skills they will need to do so. The English Curriculum alongside the Age-appropriate Literature Map from EYFS to our 14-19 department ensures that all pupils are exposed to rich and varied language and a variety of texts.

Our adapted and personalised phonics pathways mean that every learner is able to access the right form of phonics teaching for them and is able to make good progress towards reading in all its forms.

For more information of Reading and Phonics at Saxon Hill, please click below: 

Reading and Phonics at Saxon Hill


To learn more about our age appropriate curriculum map, please click below: 

Age Appropriate Literature Map


To find out how you can support your child reading at home, please read the following links:

Non-verbal Reading Approach at Saxon Hill - Information for Parents 

We have also created a video demonstrating ways in which we make reading engaging and accessible at Saxon Hill. We hope this inspires you and gives your inspiration for reading at home with your child. 

reading with child pic